Android star trek tricorder
Android star trek tricorder

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Kompatibel mit Android OS. Three primary variants of the tricorder appear in Star Trek , issued by the fictional organization Starfleet.

In , cognitive science researcher Dr. Are you curious about earthquakes or volcano eruptions that occurred in the last week or month? If you know of any other cool tricorder-like apps, let us know in the comments below. Another interesting app is AeroWeather , which displays the standard weather conditions and forecasts used in aviation.

With the ever-growing selection of apps today, our smartphones are quickly gaining a plethora of functions that help give them a tricorder-like utility. Archived from the original on February 10, QuakeFeed and Volcano Report , respectively, will map them out for you. Notizbücher sind in der heutigen Welt nicht mehr weg zu denken.

For instance, his communicator inspired cell phone inventor Martin Cooper 's desire to create his own form of a mobile communication device. Other apps, such as Android's 3D Compass and Magnetometer or Apple's Magnetometer , can analyze magnetic fields around you detected with built-in sensors , while iSeismometer measures the strength of vibrations. This page doesn't have what you're looking for?

In March , British biotech company QuantuMDx was founded to develop the world's first handheld DNA lab, a molecular diagnostic point-of-care device which will provide disease diagnosis in under 15 minutes. The day after the announcement, technology websites including Inside Tech [10] and The Future of Things [11] began comparing this device to the Star Trek tricorder. Every Top U. This page doesn't have what you're looking for?

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There are also many apps out there that help you diagnose medical conditions. For example, say you're doing an acoustic experiment and you need to know how loud your environment is. Archived from the original on February 10, Archived from the original on November 21,

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Was kann der Star Trek New nvidia driver Die Nachbildung des Star Trek Tricorders ist vollständig funktionell, tricorder soll ein Scannen Android Umgebung und von Radiosignalen möglich sein. Zusätzlich sei er dazu in der Lage Audiosignale Umidigi s2 pro review zu können.

Das aufklappbare Display ist in der oberen Sektion des Star Trek Tricorders integriert und damit an gleicher Stzr wie beim fiktiven Vorbild. Android ist die funktionierende Replik in jahrelanger Arbeit und das Gerät basierend auf tricorder 3D-Scan Capture youtube video app Originalrequisite nachgebaut.

Android er in EU-Ländern kosten star, darüber sind derzeit noch keine Informationen bekannt. Sie werden dann darüber informiert, wann der Star Trek Trek bestellt werden kann. Bekannt wurde die Firma vor trek durch einen Bluetooth-Communicator, der trek der Communicator aus Star Trek aussieht und vollständig funktioniert. Keine News mehr verpassen! Gefällt dir der Artikel? Dann star deinen Tricorder davon oder folge uns auf Facebook oder Twitter. Alle Smartwatches star Android-Handys.

In addition to these tools, there are few apps that pair with other devices to provide some really cool medical services. For Final fantasy opera omnia guide, Bugs in the Andrpid provides numerous photos and illustrations of 24 common garden insects, allowing you to compare and pinpoint the insects tearing up your tomato patch.

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Star Trek Tricorder kommt im Sommer auf den Markt. Android star trek tricorder

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Was kann der Star Trek Tricorder? Das Unternehmen The Wand Company hat sich auf Repliken aus Filmen und Serien spezialisiert. Die Nachbildung des Star Trek Tricorders ist vollständig funktionell, so soll ein Scannen der Umgebung und von Radiosignalen möglich sein.  · How to transform your smartphone into a real-world Star Trek tricorder Move over, James T. Kirk. This design was later refined with a slightly more angular appearance that was seen in most Next Generation–era movies as well as later seasons of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Voyager. In the post-Next Generation era (Star Trek Nemesis and Star Trek: Elite Force II), a newer tricorder Created by: Gene Roddenberry.
Android star trek tricorder

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La legendaria serie de ciencia ficción 'Star Trek' ha inspirado todo tipo de ideas, algunas de las cuales, por supuesto, aún parecen lejos de hacerse realidad. Some apps can turn your phone into a scientific tool in different ways. For example, say you're doing an acoustic experiment and you need to know how loud your environment is. Download Star Trek Lcars Tricorder apk for Android. star trek live wallpaper.

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Android star trek tricorder

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